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Cross-sector and value-added wide range expertise
From complex transformations in global group structures all the way to accompanying change processes in medium-sized companies – the following provides you with a selection of project references in various environments.

Business Model Design

Globally operating fleet leasing and fleet management service provider, Germany

Project content
Business model design and development implementation for a multimodal mobility platform

Service and performance

  • Development of a strategic business model concept on the basis of a business model canvas and value proposition design methodology
    – Value proposition
    – Earnings and cost structure
    – Core processes
    – Organizational structure
  • Preparation of a market analysis (demand / supply / competition)
  • Development of pitch deck for release within general management
  • Setup of agile project (project structure, project processes, project organization)

The business model was developed in joint agile workshops and subsequently prepared and processed for investment release by the management board. The concept was released by the management board for implementation. The setup for agile project implementation was realized and the first sprints within the scope of an implementation coaching were accompanied.

Transformation Model Design

Globally operating car manufacturer, Germany

Project content
Development and introduction of organization structures, procedures, as well as the preparation of substantive transformation concepts for digitalization

Service and performance

  • Development of a strategic transformation model:
    – Concept for the digitalization of customer processes (e.g. e-commerce, online appointment for service and test drive, etc.)
    – Model of agile organization (project)
    – Model of agile collaboration (line)
    – Process model, responsibility model and role model
    – Anchoring and rollout model
    – Mindset change and executives’ coaching
  • Managing the realization, implementation

The transformation concept was developed in joint workshops and subsequently successfully implemented. The program is the basis for clear positioning as a technology leader in the market and, within a short period of time, this resulted in significant market share gains and an increase in customer experience.

Project Management

Globally operating car manufacturer, Germany

Project content
Managing a worldwide initiative for changing the buying experience

Service and performance

  • Program setup
    – Definition and introduction of program processes and partial project processes – a total of 65 projects
    – Definition of responsibilities
    – Development of a collaboration model (headquarters, markets, trade) and implementation
    – Introduction of program control systems and KPI systems
  • Takeover of the defined control processes
  • Consulting of program managers and managers of individual projects
  • Management and implementation of C-level program control circuits

The initiative – 65 projects, worldwide rollout, +200 project members – was successfully implemented with the defined targets in time, budget and quality.

Project Management Office

Globally operating chemical group, Germany

Project content
Long-term cooperation in the areas of Project Management and Project Management Office on the basis of a multi-level delivery approach in the business service environment

Service and performance

  • Active support of the change in project organization, starting from a classical approach of the provision of individual roles into a multi-stage, integrated PM service construct
  • Implementation of the projects on the basis of a classic PMI governance approach with the increased addition of agile methods depending on the respective project environment
  • Joint optimization of quality standards of the staffing project and the implementation, based on structured processes along the entire project life cycle
  • Creating the fundamentals for setting up a basic enablement, onboarding and training camp for an efficient setup of project structures at the beginning of a project

Implementation of a project management’s full service package for the entire project portfolio of the Business Services segment

Business Process Management

Globally operating car manufacturer, Germany

Project content
Business Model Design for the digitalization of transport quality processes

Service and performance

  • Analysis of Actual processes
  • Performing SWOT analysis and quick focus check (QFC)
  • Concept of digitalization potential
  • Development of nominal digital concept
  • Piloting in selected markets
  • Controlling the IT implementation
  • Global process and IT system rollout
  • Establishing the processes through the introduction of a KPI system, as well as support processes for controlling and monitoring

The digitalization concept was developed in the field of tension of “maximum degree of automation“ versus “taking into account worldwide, market-specific framework conditions“, implemented in the form of an IT system and rolled out worldwide. The introduction of the IT system enabled cost potentials to be increased in a double digit millions range within 24 months with a simultaneous increase in quality.

Requirements Engineering

European-wide operating energy group, Germany

Project content
Requirement management for the digitalization and automation of the product development process

Service and performance

  • Introduction of an agile requirements management
    – Product & sprint planning workshops
    – Structure of the development team
    – Specialist product owner structures
    – Agile review loops
  • Documentation and control of the requirements via SAGAs, EPICs and use cases
  • Specialist consulting and assessment of requirements (market analysis, trend analysis)
  • Introduction of a uniform commercial assessment system

The agile implementation of the requirements management was the basis for the swift and regular realization of new implementation packages. Within the scope of 10 sprint releases, it was possible to implement, short-term, the new requirements and reduce the time-to-market of new products by half.

Agiles Coaching

Globally operating car manufacturer, Germany

Project content
Development of a qualification product portfolio for the company-wide agilization of non-IT areas and the implementation of coachings

Service and performance

  • Development of a modularly structured portfolio of qualification products for agile coaching of different skills groups
    – from beginner to professional
    – thereby covering the following perspectives of agilization
    – Agile mindset (scrum, KANBAN)
    – Change to agile organization and hierarchy structures
    – Agile modes of operation and methods
  • Sustainable anchoring of the offer in the group’s educational opportunities
  • Implementation of individualized and group coachings on different hierarchy levels (divisional managers to team members)

Realization of coachings resulted in significantly measurable mindset change on a management and team level. Results of a customer survey show that 93% of all coaching participants converted their projects to agile procedures.

Change Management

Globally operating car manufacturer, Germany

Project content
Realization of the change and communications management for a project on digitalization of the registration process.

Service and performance

  • Development and implementation of the change concept
    – Development and introduction of change processes
    – Definition and enabling of change agents as multipliers
    – Development and implementation of a communication concept (platform, news, open door meetings, etc.)
  • The focus was both on the technical change (new functions and processes) and also on the behavioral-oriented change (changing over the procedural model to an agile procedure)

The efficient and target-oriented change and communications management was able to significantly increase the conversion speed of the project. User satisfaction with both the mode of procedure and with the results of the project contributed to a smooth implementation of the project.

Implementation of 200+ projects along the value-added chain
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Product - Services / 35 Projects
Production / 40 Projects
Finance / 15 Projects
IT / 50 Projects
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