As of July 19, the Munich consulting company infologis is launching a new corporate identity. The adjustment of the brand strategy is part of a company-wide strategic reorientation. In addition to a new logo, claim and corporate design, our web presence with the website and social media channels was renewed as well.

The relaunch was preceded by an intensive process of strategic positioning and brand finding, executed in cooperation with the international branding agency RED. “Analysis of the existing brand environment, interviews with decision-makers and market research are the basis and our brand expertise for the successful brand activity. In this respect, understanding company culture and employees is just as decisive as identifying consumer insights and market mechanisms. Because brand expertise also means market expertise”, said owner and CEO Michael Mazanec.

The new brand will sharpen infologis’ strategic orientation and will make for clarity in communication and service portfolio. In keeping with the strategy, the logo was put into perspective by using the lowercase and framing brackets against a color gradient backdrop. The color and image palette illustrates values such as partnership, professionalism and innovation – the essence of infologis’ business model.

For us, the brand relaunch is synonymous with the consistent further development of our strategy. Due to the high intensity of changes facing our clients, we will henceforth provide an integrated solution approach to harmonize business, processes, organization and people. We will thus be the ‘clamp’ for a successful implementation of the changes resulting by the digital transformation. Such is our understanding of empowering.transformation.“ said infologis CEO Dr. Alexander Bogner.